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One of the most essential elements of Kerala Vaasthu Silpam is Bhooparigraham for deciding the eligibility of the plot for the construction of a building - the plot which is near a river or the junction of two rivers, or situated on a hillock or in the windward side of the valley of mountain or near the sea or near the forest or, near a garden or any other place which has Vishnu's Prabha (Aura) and presence. The land must be sloping towards east and north, must have level ground full of fruit and flower bearing and shade trees and pond which will not dry up even in summer and this land is called 'Supalma' and constructions here will have healing powers. The magnetic north and south points decided after Bhoomi Parigraham by the Sutra Yoga bindu and Sankumadhya bindu lines, and the East direction by 'Thathaschethare' line. The 'Astamugha' pyramidal parnasala is considered to be in consonance with the ancient Indian tradition and believed to have healing powers due to their capacity to concentrate its side electromagnetic and cosmic vibrational energy, and negative ions.

What is it used for:-
A person meditating in a pyramid shows EEG patterns akin to that seen in people doing transcendental meditation. The experiences of meditating inside a Pyramid are remarkable. People get a feeling of relaxation, clairvoyance, clairaudience and tranquility. If they sleep in a pyramid, their sleep will be deep and they wake up refreshed; only few hours of sleep will give total relaxation. If you read inside the pyramid, you can do it with greater concentration and understanding. Agricultural experts showed that plant growth is enhanced by the electromagnetic phenomenon within the Pyramid. Water placed in the pyramid has curative properties especially for chronic skin disorders. Pyramid can put a break to the ageing process, as demonstrated in lower forms of life. Women sleeping in pyramids get their periods regular and normal and stop any dysmenorhoea. Pyramids accumulate several different types of energies like negative ions, electromagnetic and cosmic vibrations. Even grains of sand from certain places have positive therapeutic effects due to their pyramidal shape.

USA has shown that growth rate of plants increase by 15% when grown under pyramids. The beneficial effects of pyramids have led to the construction of pyramidal schools, recreation halls and warehouses. The Soviets in their pyramid Research Department of Leningard University are well ahead and have even instruments to measure pyramid power and they are on the brink of some exciting discoveries like negative ion green therapy. The Pyramids help to increase crop yield by 3 times, correct faulty vision, deafness, increase longevity of life, increase the 1Q of children and increase your vitality and sex drive. It can cure mental ailments with minimal drugs, chronic skin diseases like Psoriasis. It can help to give painless labour to the pregnant women. It is proving to be the answer for cancer which is very favourably influenced even with minimum drugs. It is the lasting cure for Bronchial Asthma, Eczema, and other allergic conditions Rheumatoid arthritis and similar collagen and autoimmune diseases. It is probably most effective in Hypertension, Ischemic heart diseases, and Degenerative diseases like Diabetic Osteoarthritis. Certain environments are healthier than others and are famous for their relaxing air and curative properties because of the high concentration of negative ions there.Pyramids provide one such environment.

There are very many actions that negative ions have on our body:
(1) Reduce heart rate and B.P
(2) Increase vital capacity of lungs and the ciliary movement of the lining ciliary epithelium.
(3) Improve the functions of the hormones producing glands.
4) Improve mental functions, concentration, emotional equilibrium judgement, intelligence
5) Reverse the effects of the positive ions.

Great Pyramid was a gift by thousands of workers, engineers, astronomers and architects. How had they lifted the huge square blocks to a height of 480 feet above the sea level without using cranes or ramps is a wonder. So perfectly they fixed one stone upon another that hardly could a paper be inserted in between them.

Scientist discovered that there is a close relationship between the external forces and the physical, chemical and biological changes, found inside a pyramid. When kept in a room, a small pyramid, through the energy accured at the one third of it height, can purify the polluted air, kill germs and keep the dwellers sound and healthy.

Similarly, a pyramid placed on the office desk begets energy, dynamism and peace. In fact, the room is changed into a source of energy.

The NASA scientists in USA pointed out that the energy released from a pyramid is more powerful than the solar energy.

( The 'Astamugha' pyramidal parnasala complex has been constructed at Sanjivani Holistic Health Farm with these healing powers of pyranids in mind.)

The word "Pyramid' takes its origin from the Greek word 'Pyro' which means 'fire' or 'Agni' and 'amid' means the base.

These two words jointly beget the word pyramid which means the fire (Agni), the mainstay of all powers, i.e. out of the five principle elements which are considered to be the basis for evolution of this universe, fire occupies the foremost place.

In Vedicphilosophy, God is manifested through a triangular form, the Pyramid. Pure gold is obtaind when inferior gold is flamed. i.e. Agni purifies and removes stains and impurities.Whether it is because of this valid reason, that our ancestors worshipped Agni is a matter for enquiry. All Vedic scriptures highlight Agni with glowing tributes.

The Germans hail this as 'Homatherapy'. Max Muller, the reputed apostle of the Vedas, when asked to deliver inaugural address for recording in the newly discovered 'phonograph' his words were.
"OM Agni meela Purohitham
Yajnasya Deva Mrithuinjayam
Hodaram Rathna Dhathamam"

Agnihotra is gaining momentum in all the European countries including socialist countries. The countries of south America also evince great interest in this yagna. This yagna is not associated with any particular sect or religion. It is universally applicable.

It is a yagna performed for the welfare of the mankind in general. Therefore the Western Countries show more interest in this therapy.

Baltimore, just one hour drive from Washington, is said to be the sanctum sanctorum of this therapy. The highly advanced Germans use agnihotra ash as a tonic.

We perform agnihotra for look and good health and imbibed with culture, compassion and happiness.

Never did we in India build any pyramid nor were the Egyptians accustomed to Agnihotra. Still, one could not wink at the basic truth, that these two great forces emerged in two different countries during a long-drawn out period which is beyond our comprehension.

The years to come will definitely bring us closer to a discovery of the extensive and intensive wisdom of the pyramids. To all of us who dwell in this wisdom, the future holds out to us one of the most mysterious forces and greatest mysteries that the ancient have left as their legacy.

The Pyramids being full of great health benefits can be built and used by anyone. But before building a pyramid ensure all conditions of measurtement, placement and algnment are met. The material for construction of Pyramid should not be iron. Compressed cardboard,plywood,styrene plastic,fibre glass,PVC or any other material exceptmagnetic material can be used.

The pyramid must be aligned on the four cardinal points-north, east, south and west. This means that each of the four sides faces one of the cardinal points. A straight line is drawn through the centre of the pyramid. A compass can be used to align the pyramid to magnetic north.

True north would be more accurate, but according to all reports magnetic north appears to work as well. True north varies from magnetic north by a few degress of declination, depending on the latitude where you live. The declination for the area can be learnt by consulting a local Airport engineer.

A pyramid, if constructed with proper measurements and placed at the proper place satisfying the conditions of alignment emits a mysterious power at 1/3 of the height from the base of the pyramid. It is very difficult to list the various uses of the pyramid

For relaxation and sleep :
induces soothing sleep and relaxation; energizes and rejuvenates for longevity. Helps to concentrate and meditate under better conditions. Clears a foggy mind. An instrument to psychic progress; improves imagination in writing and doing things. Aids children to study and memorise better.

If you have facilities to lie inside a pyramid, place your head pointing to the north direction. It has been proved that the brain wave activity of humans meditating inside a pyramid showed marked increase in amplitude, regularity and alpha theta brain wave production.

As health aid:
Gives relief of common cold or coryza, head ache, weariness and pain in all human body. Heals quickly cuts and bruises. Water treated in the Pyramid, could be used for vitality, vigour and digestion, if drunk. The water can be used on the face as a lotion and on the hair for clearing dandruff.

For preservation of food:
Place beverages, eatables and old pickles inside the Pyramid for improvement in taste. To reduce disagreeable odour and bitterness in coffee and tea, it may be placed inside even in powder form. Juices taste better. Improves palatability of water and purifies it by ionation. Dehydrates and preserves any kind of food. Retains flowers fresh.

For mechanical advantage:
Reduces wear and tear of moving parts of any machine or vehicle when kept in the Pyramid. Sharpens blades, knives, scissors and the like. Magnetic tapes placed inside the Pyramid gives original quality. Brings shine and brightens tarnished coins, utensils and jewellery. Dry cells placed inside get charged.

For better growth of plants:

Induces better and healthy growth in plants. The period of germination of seeds is shortened. Prevents decomposition of organic matter and deodorises garbage etc.

For General well-being:
Wards off harmful occurrence and shields against evil influences. Provides Psychic aid for solving problems and worries. Used for fulfillment of some wishes. Emits beneficial effects on those around the Pyramid. A Californian business man claims that he has made a tent Pyramid which gives him a spiritual uplift and improves his sexual desires.

The primary factors required for successful pyramid experimentation are patience, precision and scientific detachment. If you are un-successful for the first time, carefully analyse what you have done. Check to make sure that your measurements are correct, that you have properly aligned both the pyramid and the object inside it. Do not give up but repeat the experiment.

At this juncture it has to be mentioned that at the Great Pyramid there are upward flowing rays emitted from the apex. Planes have been warned not to fly over the Great Pyramid, instruments in the planes go away.

Our body is a miraculous machine created by God. Our body possesses immunity power to check diseases. Nature helps us to check and cure diseases.

Prevention is better than cure. So, we can prevent diseases. Diseases can be cured by diet control. We can check diseases by undertaking fast also. A moderate eater is not prone to diseases. But one who eats more is often afflicted with diseases. The sage Thiruvalluvar says-"on modest temperance as pleasures pure, so pain attends the greedy epicure".

What after all, a human being desires is a life free of sickness. The significance of this point is further stressed by the sage Thiruvalluvar in his couplet under the chapter 'Medicine'. "No need of, medicine to heal your body's pain, if, what you ate before, digested well, you eat again" (No medicine is necessary for him who eats after assuring (himself) that what he has (already) eaten has been already digested). One should consume food after a good appetite. Presently, there is an inclination towards nature diet. This nature diet is being followed all over the world.

Among all living organisms, human beings alone consume cooked food. Animals consume uncooked food, so their life expectancy is high. Sleeplessness, restlessness, weakness, anger, and wearings affect the persons who consume cooked food.

Pyramid is a great healer. Researches are beings conducted unceasingly by the scientists of U.S.A. and Germany. In short, Pyramid is a polyclinic. Here is an example. It was a Sunday. Doctors would not work on Sundays. A middle aged lady, was suffering due to unbearable tooth-ache. One of her friends suggested her to sit inside a wooden pyramid. She did reluctantly not having belief in pyramid power. She was relieved of her pain instantly and completely to her surprise.

Water and air are the essentials for the existence of man. Man cannot survive on the earth without air, water and land. The environment, in which we lives, presently fills us with dismay. Now we breathe only polluted air and drink contaminated water.

Industrialised urban and sub-urban areas are enveloped only by polluted air. The air envelope that completely surrounds the earth has ozone, an invisible, benign gas which is beneficial to human health.

For the earth, the presence of ozone layer acts like a blanket cover, as it prevents the entry of harmful ultra-violet rays which otherwise may cause many dreadful diseases like skin cancer etc. The chloro fluoro carbons, the much dreaded chemical substances, now threaten the very existence of ozone layer itself. Efforts are taken to check this menacing danger.

The increasing use of coal, petroleum and natural gas by men for power generation and industries, for automobiles and other internal combustion engines have created the problem of pollution of environment. Pollution of air is specially marked in the industrial regions. The smoke from factories, exhaust fumes from automobiles, fumes from oil refineries and chemical plants have polluted the air to such an extent that special steps are now taken to reduce such pollution. The only solution to this burning problem is afforestation.

These trees and plants recycle the polluted air into pure air. The plants provide us with flowers, vegetables and fruits. Forests which give us plenty of rainfall also prevent soil-erosion and land slides. When we uproot trees thoughtlessly, the ecology is upset.

India's fore most national scientist Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose showed that when a plant was pricked, its growth rate was immediately depressed to a fourth and that it took about two hours for a plant to recover. He demonstrated that a feeble electric stimulus caused a positive change in the pulvinus of a plant and that a strong stimulus negative change. He considered the positive tone to be pleasant to the plant and the negative to be unpleasant or painful.

If we stretch our hand with an evil desire of plucking a leaf, the plant foresees its plight and its heart throbs and conveys this odd message to its kith and kin. This was proved by Cleave Backster, an American Scientist with the help of instrument "Polygraph".

The trees and plants can easily identify a person and his willful acts. A pet dog is always grateful and affectionate to his master. Similarly, a plant showers love and affection to those who nourish it. When one despises a plant, it does not grow. The plants when kept at one third height in a pyramid grows well.

A seed, when preserved in a pyramid, turns into a high-yielding variety seed. Such seeds, when embedded, germinate faster. It has been found possible to produce plants possessing desired qualities with the help of pyramid. These plants are resistant to diseases.

India is on the threshold of industrialization. We have set up chemical plants, soap factories, paper plants, glass industries etc., only on the banks of the river where abundant supply of water is assured. An irritable fact is that the sewage of these industries is discharged back into the river causing pollution. Slowly this contaminated water becomes poisonous and kills marine living organisms. People using this water are thrown in doldrums. When we protect water free from germs, we will be free from disease. In cities, water is distributed only after purification. They purify water by adding chlorine in the process of purification. When chlorination is high, we get severe Chlorine smell in water, you can easily avoid this chlorine smell. Chlorinated water, when kept inside pyramid loses chlorine smell. The water is converted into medicated water.

The meditators inside a pyramid sensed weightless, tingling, warmth, transquility, relaxation and dreams, graphic visions and time distortion. A few subjects experienced even more extraordinary phenomena including clairvoyant and clairaudient experiences. Other experiments have shown that people sleeping with a pyramid over their heads needs fewer hours of sleep and they awoke considerably more refreshed.

Treatment water in a pyramid imparts to it tremendous energetic properties and unlimited potential uses. The amount of water treatable depends upon the size of the pyramid. The size of the pyramid should be large enough to allow the mid-point of the water container to be at the one-third level of the pyramid. There is no need to use any platform and measure the one-third height because the water will be there at the particular point. How long are you going to keep water in the pyramid? If the container (glass or plastic not iron) could hold a litre, it is enough it remains in the pyramid for about 12 hours. If the water is less you can leave it for 4 to 8 hours. It is believed that cosmic rays pass through the water in the pyramid and the water gets treated.

Pyramid treated water could be heated and it does not lose its powers.

There are unlimited applications and uses of pyramid water. It has curative results. Soaking arthritic joints in pyramid water relieves pain and in some instances eliminates the pain related to arthritis.

Applying pyramid water to cuts, burns, bruises, moles, calluses, haugnails, warts and various skin problems appears to be a definite adjunct to the normal medication used for treatment. Washing your hair with pyramid water and your favourite shampoo reportedly controls and eliminates dandruff within four applications. Try using pyramid water to rinse tired eyes and even soak your contact lenses in it. The soothing effect is felt within seconds

In the kitchen pyramid water works wonders. Foods cooked or even just soaked in pyramid water develop a better taste and quality. Coffee, tea, dried milk, orange, juice, cocoa, pudding, condensed or dry soups etc., appear to be greatly enhanced. Actually the benefit resulting in pyramid water in place of plain water will be noticed immediately.

Plants and seedings will definitely be enhanced in their growth rate, strength and health. Ailing and dying plants recover completely within a fortnight. The pyramid water and tap water in equal parts will produce better flowers, fruits and vegetables. While pyramid water helps a plant to grow, it tends to slow down the germination time.

Water pumped from a well may be converted as Pyramid water. The impact of the pyramid on vegetables.

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